Registro patentes y marcas


Do you want to file a trademark in Spain, the European Union, or internationally and you do not know how? We can be of help. In Bamboo, we are lawyers specialized in trademarks. We know the legislation and the praxis of the trademark offices, so we can be of assistance not only with the filing itself, but with the monitoring and the active defense that the effective exercise of your rights demands.

The trademark registration grants its owner exclusive rights in the territory of protection. As a exclusive right, it is also exclusionary: the proprietor of a registered trademark is entitled to prevent all third parties not having his consent from using in the course of trade, in relation to goods or services, any identical or similar sign that may cause likelihood of confusion in the part of the public.

Thus, it is absolutely crucial for any company or particular that plans to offer products and/or services in the course of trade to be assisted by an expert, in two ways: first, in order to be able to impede any third party from causing confusion in the territory of protection under a similar or identical sign; and, second, in order to prevent and avoid actions arising from other undertakings.

Moreover, you should know that registration offices do not normally refuse trademarks ex officio based on relative grounds. This means that any third party may be able to file a similar or identical trademark, that you will not be capable of noticing this filing in order to take the appropriate actions based on your earlier rights. In this regard, we provide our monitoring service at the time of filing the trademark, and we will inform you about eventual applications that may be confusingly similar to your registration.

If you have any doubts about filing a trademark in Spain, in the European Union or internationally, do not hesitate to call or text us. We will be happy to help.

Services that we provide:

  • Professional reports for studying the feasibility of use and registration of trademarks.
  • Preliminary searches with professional opinion.
  • Filing trademarks in Spain (OEPM), in the European Union (EUIPO) and internationally through the Madrid System (WIPO).
  • International strategy for trademark expansion and growth: management of foreign trademark applications, through our network of partners.
  • File monitoring during the whole life of the trademark, through specialized software.
  • Preparing and filing oppositions, appeals, observations to provisional refusals, and every other administrative procedure, both before the OEPM and the EUIPO.
  • Preparing and filing judicial appeals.
  • Negotiation and contracting: licenses, assignments, transfers, undertakings and coexistence agreements.
  • Litigation: preparing and filing actions for trademark infringement, cancellation, invalidity and nullity.
  • Domain name proceedings and complaints under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).