Registro de patentes y marcas


If you need to file a patent of an invention, you can contact us. Firstly, you should know that one of the main requirements for your invention to be patentable is that it shall not form part of the state of the art at an international level (which seems difficult, but not impossible). If this is your case, you may have reasons to celebrate, because your invention may be patentable. If you need to file a patent, in Bamboo we are specialized lawyers, so we can be of help.

For an invention to be protectable (both as a patent or as an utility model) it shall be new, involve an inventive step and be susceptible of industrial application. It is absolutely crucial that you do not disclose your invention before being assisted by a professional. The lack of novelty of your invention can be caused by your own disclosure.

The recent Spanish Patent Law has defined a legal framework with substantial differences from the former, especially as regards some proceeding issues such as the obligation from now on to pass a substantive examination of the invention. Moreover, other substantive differences have been introduced within the new legislation, such as the wider flexibility, limited to certain criteria, of the software patentability.

Furthermore, the international strategy in the field of patents is particularly relevant and tricky. This is a sector where choosing the correct cards in terms of gaining time for making decisions and playing with priority dates can definitely make the difference. Here, the famous expression “think globally, act locally” plays a dominant role.

If you have any doubt about the patentability of your invention, you can call us without any prior engagement. We are here to help.

Services that we offer:

  • Preparing and filing national patents and utility models (OEPM): drafting claims and description, and managing of the entire proceeding.
  • Assistance and advice on the drawings.
  • Managing translations through our partners.
  • Preparing and filing international applications through the PCT system.
  • Preparing and filing European patents (EPO).
  • Assistance in the entry into the national phase (Spain) or regional phase (EPO) of a PCT application.
  • Assistance in conversion of European patent applications in Spain.
  • Reports, investigations and professional opinions on the state of the art in relation with a particular invention.
  • Preliminary searches of registered patents in order to evaluate possible commercial exploitations of non-patented inventions.
  • Assistance and advice on international strategies.
  • Negotiation and contracting: licenses, assignments, transfers, undertakings, etc.
  • Litigation: preparing and filing actions for patent infringement, cancellation, invalidity, etc.