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Data protection lawyers in Spain.

abogados proteccion de datos

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Data is considered personal when it consists of information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Apart from the name or surname, data such as the image or the email address of a person may be considered personal data. Processing personal data entails obligations.

At Bamboo we are experts in data protection. We can help you to comply with the obligations involved in the handling of personal data; and also to prevent penalties, by developing strategies adapted to each situation, always seeking the simplest solution for your company.

Services we provide:

Adaptation of your activity to the GDPR and LOPDGDD (Organic Law on Data Protection and Digital Rights), which includes:

  • Processing analysis.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Drafting of contracts with processing participants and information circulars (data processors, employees, collaborators).
  • Drafting of regulatory reports and protocols.
  • Drafting of information clauses.
  • Data Processing Activity Log.
  • Consultancy on personal data protection.
  • Data protection audit.
  • Training.
abogados propiedad intelectual
asesoría en negocios digitales


As simple as your business may be, it is sure that you may frequently process personal data. Not only when you execute an email marketing campaign, but also when you issue invoices, when somebody texts you through the contact form of your website, or when you recruit somebody…

We are lawyers who specialise in privacy, but, above all, we are entrepreneurs. We’re aware of just how important it is to offer the client solutions that are not only legally correct, but also operational solutions that enable their business to run as it should. We’re swift and effective.

Services we provide:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services.
  • Assistance in the exercise and defence of the rights to access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction on data processing and portability.
  • Representation and assistance in disciplinary procedures before the supervisory authority.
  • Representation and assistance in legal proceedings.
  • Online reputation and the “right to be forgotten”.
abogados propiedad intelectual
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