Registro de patentes y marcas


Unlike trademarks, patents and (registered) industrial designs, author’s rights or copyright do not need a prior registration to receive protection through intellectual property, as the rights are conferred from the first moment of the creation of the work.

This fact clearly eases the acquisition of the rights themselves, but substantially challenges the burden of proof for the owners, who sometimes face the problem of not being able of evidencing their role in the created work if they have not previously received the convenient assistance and professional advice in that regard.

Intellectual property (understood as copyright) protects original works which somehow express the creative effort of their authors. These works can be literary, scientific or artistic, such as books, lectures, dramatic works, choreographic works, musical compositions, drawings, paintings, architecture, sculptures, photographies, illustrations, audiovisual works, and many more besides. Software is normally (at least, in Spain and Europe) included in this field of protection through copyright.

In Bamboo we are lawyers specialized in copyright. We are experts in the protection and defense of intellectual property assets, from their registration or evidence of their deposit, through negotiation and contracting, until legal assistance before courts and litigation.

If you are a writer, artist, musician, musical or audiovisual producer, photographer, publisher, software developer or you just have a creative soul, please, call us. We will be very happy to meet you, and we think you will be very happy to meet us.

Services that we provide:

  • Filing applications for registration before the Spanish Copyright Office (RPI).
  • Advice and assistance on alternatives for collecting evidence (deposit before a Notary Public, online platforms, filing through foreign copyright offices, etc.).
  • Negotiation and contracting: licenses, assignments, transfers, production contracts, publishing agreements, etc.
  • Advice and assistance on open licenses and other alternatives to copyright (as Creative Commons, for example).
  • Litigation in case of infringements and counterfeits.
  • Assistance and representation before collecting societies in Spain (SGAE, AIE, EGEDA, etc.).
  • Professional reports and general consultancy on this matters.