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Copyright lawyers in Spain.

abogados propiedad intelectual

We help you
avoid placing
limits on
your creations.

Intellectual property (understood as copyright) protects original works which somehow express the creative effort of their authors. These works can be artistic, audio-visual or film, musical, literary, photographic, multimedia, computer programmes, and many more besides.

We at Bamboo are lawyers that specialise in copyright. If you belong to the cultural sector or your work is in the creative industries sector, we certainly have plenty to tell you. Call us: we will be delighted to meet you and provide you with advice on intellectual property.

Services we provide:

  • Filing applications for registration with the Spanish Copyright Office.
  • Advice and assistance on alternatives for collecting evidence (deposit before a Notary Public, online platforms, filing through foreign copyright offices, etc.).
  • Negotiation and contracting: production, publishing, distribution agreements, licences, transfers, etc.
  • Advice and assistance on open licences and other alternatives to copyright (like Creative Commons, for example).
abogados propiedad intelectual
abogados propiedad intelectual

and care
for your work:
it’s unique.

Unlike industrial property rights (trademarks and trade names, patents and utility models, and industrial designs), copyright does not require prior registration as it is acquired from the moment of creation of the work.

At Bamboo we are lawyers specialising in copyright. If you are a writer, artist, illustrator, musician, composer, producer, photographer, editor, journalist, programmer, or you just have a creative soul, call us, because we can be very helpful. We look forward to meeting you.

Services we provide:

  • Litigation, defence and prosecution of infringements; unlawful use of rights, plagiarism, etc.
  • Assistance in proceedings before the Second Section of the Intellectual Property Commission.
  • Assistance and representation before collecting societies in Spain (SGAE, AIE, EGEDA, etc.).
  • Professional reports and general consultancy on these matters.
abogados propiedad intelectual
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