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Advice to digital businesses in Spain.

asesoría en negocios digitales

Alongside you
even in
the cloud.

What company does not own a website these days? We’re pretty sure you have one. And do you sell products or offer services through your e-commerce platform? Have you installed Google Analytics to analyse traffic statistics? Do you have links to social networks? And a contact form?

The regulations applicable to information society service providers impose measures that the website owner must comply with. As experts in advising digital businesses, we can explain to you what measures to implement in your project to avoid fines and penalties.

Services we provide:

  • Full analysis and audit of your digital project from a legal standpoint.
  • Drafting of legal notices:
    • Disclaimer.
    • Terms and conditions of use.
    • Privacy policy.
    • Cookie policy (includes audit).
    • Conditions for contracting products and/or services.
abogados propiedad intelectual
asesoría en negocios digitales

We speak
the same language
as you.

We know that, nowadays, practically every successful business requires a significant technological base. Many of our clients are highly digitalised or base their own business model on technology. Having the support of experts in digital law is key.

We’re not a standard law firm. We believe that we do not fit into the traditional law firm model. We’re digital too, and we understand the language and needs of a constantly changing marketplace. We speak the same language as you.

Services we provide:

  • Spanish Information Society and eCommerce Law (LSSI-CE) compliance: advice on commercial communications by electronic means (e-mail marketing).
  • Implications for intellectual property, trademarks, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance in the purchase process (Law on General Conditions of Contract, Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users).
  • Report with implementation actions to be carried out.
abogados propiedad intelectual
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